Ensure the consistency of your creative output by streamlining your workflow and placing all your business processes on a single, unified platform.

Avoid inefficient integrations with third-party accounting solutions. Microsoft Dynamics AX uses only one business logic, one source code, one database and one comprehensive toolbox. Everything you need works right out of the box.


One version of the truth

A single source of data and real-time visibility over your entire agency brings the qualitative insight to quantitative data that helps you transform deeper understanding into strategic decision-making.

One, up-to-date version of the truth provides a platform to share knowledge and simplify collaboration, helping build an even stronger team and drive the agency toward its goals.

Machine learning and predictive analytics

Harness the power of Azure Machine Learning and the Cortana Intelligence Suite to forecast the impact of changes, control risk and anticipate issues. Make timely, strategic decisions with a holistic view of your entire business.

Interact with your data using natural language and speech through Cortana. When dealing with complex problems that involve multiple variables that may change in real time, let the Intelligence Suite’s predictive analytics and proactive alerting simplify and automate your decision making processes.

Seamless integration

AXAD’s open code base can be easily integrated with third-party tools and data suppliers. Use the powerful Dynamics CRM, or take advantage of seamless Salesforce integration if you prefer.
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