If you are writing off costs, entering budgets more than once or taking several days for month-end close and reporting, you are clearly supporting your system, not the other way around.

Why allow the limitations of your current software to compromise key deliverables and business objectives? Single entry of campaigns, budgets, procurement, time and expenses into an integrated system will free you of the trivia and let you focus on the important stuff.


Good reporting, good decision making

Consolidate financial records and remove the burden of dealing with multiple countries, currencies and regulatory frameworks. Let AXAD do all the heavy lifting for you.

Spend less time sifting through disparate data sources and more time growing the business. Get the detailed feedback and reporting on billing, costs and margins that only an integrated system can provide.

Automate processes

Post and accrue revenue for fixed-price campaigns based on completion percentage or completed contract. Accrue revenue or capitalise costs for time-and-material projects to recognise gross margin.

Free up your time with continuity of process from campaign entry through to budgeting and cost capture. Automatically invoice based on time and material or fixed-price campaigns, in advance, arrears, by period or pro-forma.

Turn information into action

With embedded Power BI get instant analysis and customisable visualisations to turn data into actionable insights.

Power BI brings the qualitative insight to quantitative data that helps you transform deeper understanding into strategic decision-making.

Forecast the impact of changes with Azure Machine Learning. Control risk, anticipate issues and make informed, strategic decisions with a holistic view of operations across your entire business.

Interact with your data using natural language and speech through the Cortana Intelligence Suite. Take advantage of the suite’s predictive analytics and proactive alerting to enhance your decision making processes.

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