Campaign management

Plan, create, control and complete campaigns.

Create a campaign hierarchy comprising multiple sub-projects and easily match work requirements with available resources.


Work breakdown structures (WBS)

Use work breakdown structure (WBS) templates to quickly and easily plan complex campaigns.

Customise and create your own hierarchical WBS for more detailed control, including schedule, requirements, estimated cost and revenue, and staff attributes.

Campaign resource and schedule management

Make better campaign staffing decisions, and hard or soft book employees with enhanced views into availability, skills and relevant experience.

Track schedules, manpower utilisation, and cost to complete. View and schedule resources and track costs across divisions and other legal entities. Take advantage of the built-in integration to do complex planning in Microsoft Project client.


Revenue recognition and work-in-progress

Recognise actual costs to avoid potential cost overruns. Post and accrue revenue for fixed-price campaigns based on completion percentage or completed contract.

Accrue revenue or capitalise costs for time-and-material projects to recognise gross margin. Even assign revenue to an employee in a fixed-price campaign to see the profitability per employee. And automatically invoice based on time and material or fixed-price campaigns.


Campaign time and expense

Capture campaign time and expense quickly and accurately.

Full integration with expense management enables expenses to be distributed to a single campaign or across multiple projects.


Simple and accurate timesheets

Dynamics AX minimises the time and effort required to create timesheets yet ensures complete accuracy.

Copy previous time periods or select favourite items. Microsoft Dynamics AX knows what projects you are currently working on according to the resource schedule and can automatically create entries based on that plan.

Mobile timesheets and expense apps

Allow employees on the go to stay productive. Update timesheets at any time from almost any device.

Time can be viewed and entered in multiple ways, by period, category or project, with necessary breakdowns and comments, and the information becomes instantly available in the Dynamics AX system to authorised users.

File expenses on the spot from anywhere. Forget about wallets stuffed full of receipts, simply snap a photo of the paper receipt, click attach and submit, and the expense entry is securely transferred over Windows Azure to the Dynamics back end.

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