Advertising agency features

AXAD builds on the world-class Microsoft Dynamics AX architecture by adding the features and processes needed to meet the exacting standards of the advertising industry.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has a fully open code base, allowing us to custom build additional features that support the uniqueness of your organisation, whilst retaining the integrity of the standard system.


Campaign management

Convert creativity into profitability.

Microsoft Project ensures skill sets are properly allocated and fully utilised.

Avoid scope-creep, over-servicing and the need to hire costly freelancers.

Reduce administrative burden with simple time and expense submission.

Monitor projects in real time, address issues before they occur.


Grow the business but maintain the vision.

Grow the business but keep the boutique intimacy.

Dynamics AX’s open code base allows us to custom build features that support the uniqueness of your agency.

Give your people the tools to access and share the information they need.

Synchronise campaign information into Microsoft Office 365 for effective team collaboration.



Enterprise-class financial tools and integrated Power BI provide granular visibility and control across your entire business.

Comprehensive and flexible reporting mechanisms give you the insight to make better decisions.

Project-based accounting with support for multi-level and split-funded campaigns.

Ensure client/campaign profitability, integrate resource planning with revenue forecasting.

Create budget plan worksheet templates for Microsoft Excel and automatically route budget plans together with worksheets, justifications, and attachments for reviews and approvals.


With Power BI, Azure Machine Learning and the Cortana Analytics Suite, you have the tools to monitor, anticipate and act, from pitch to delivery.

Automate repetitive processes ensuring rigorous quality standards are always met.

Maintain a single source of data, with instant role-based access.

Customise and create your own hierarchical work breakdown structure (WBS) templates for detailed control, including schedule, requirements, estimated cost and revenue, and staff attributes.



A single, unified HR system removes administrative complexities, putting the focus back on people development.

Acquire the right talent at the right time and keep them incentivised.

Create fixed, variable or pay-for-performance compensation plans.

Self-service portal enables employees to maintain performance goals, enter and approve absences/expenses, and update competencies and personal information.

Maximise ROI

Business software doesn’t have to be clunky and a chore to learn. Dynamics AX brings a smooth and intuitive UI already familiar to users of Office.

Avoids disruption and costly training. Encourages rapid uptake in functionality and increase in productivity.

Customisable Workspaces further increase productivity with personalised and focused work environments.

Nimble and versatile architecture lets you pick and use only the parts you need today, and, if you like, easily add more tomorrow.

With Microsoft’s resources and commitment, have absolute certainty that your business systems can grow with you, painlessly and efficiently.

Agility and interoperability

Microsoft Dynamics AX allows you to plan, see, and change your business with agility. Our global solution grows easily with your business and gives people instant, role-based insight and increased productivity.

Pervasive interoperability — the interaction of ERP systems, business and productivity applications, communications solutions, and the underlying technology platform — that works on-premises or in the cloud. Interoperability offers the ability of Dynamics AX to work bi-directionally with Microsoft Word and Excel.

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