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Full-featured business management solution engineered for the advertising industry


Feel instantly at home.

A steep learning curve costs you money. The time and training it can take to adapt to a new system can disrupt day-to-day operations and seriously impact efficiency and morale. Clunky and unintuitive interfaces don’t help.

Most users feel instantly at home with Microsoft’s fresh and intuitive interface. It inspires confidence, minimises disruption and maximises use of new functionality. The seamless interaction with Outlook, Excel and other Microsoft family applications avoids hours of frustration.



Why pay for a tailored suit and end up in a straightjacket?

Don’t try to cram your agency into a one-size-fits-all system. It’s not comfortable. Your software system should complement your unique agency culture rather than impose rigid processes.

With an open code base, Dynamics AX is built with customisability at its heart. Let the system support, streamline and enhance your workflows. Let it strengthen your agency’s distinctive vision.



Be less generous.

Data breaches, malicious hackers and system outages – all facts of the digital age. The security of your IT systems is a priority and, intuitively, keeping your data closer to home seems safer. It is safer under the mattress.

But the vast resources and focus cloud providers apply to security makes it the more bulletproof platform. And Microsoft Azure is second to none in performance, security and data privacy. When you have to ensure the safety of not only your own data, but also that of your clients, by all means, go ahead and entrust your data to Acme cloud provider. Your clients may prefer you were less generous.



Donkey or spaceship?

Here today, gone tomorrow. Where to place your bets? Technology moves forward at warp speed, and getting left behind leaves you at the mercy of the competition.

Microsoft’s unrivalled investment in R&D puts you at the forefront of technology, now and tomorrow. Benefit from leading-edge products such as machine learning and predictive intelligence. With long-term support and development guaranteed, you won’t be tying yourself to a donkey.



AXAD advertising agency management software builds on the enterprise-class Microsoft Dynamics AX architecture by adding the features and processes required by the advertising industry. A fully open code base allows us to custom build functionality that supports the uniqueness of your business.
Campaign management
Convert creativity into profitability
Free your creative talent to do what they do best
Scale up your enterprise without losing your unique vision and culture
Grow the business but maintain the vision
Let AXAD do the sums for you
Enterprise-class financial tools and integrated Power BI provide granular visibility and control across your entire business
Ensure consistent creative excellence
With Power BI, Azure Machine Learning and the Cortana Analytics Suite, you have the tools to monitor, anticipate and act, from pitch to delivery
Optimise management of human capital
A single, unified HR system removes administrative complexities, putting the focus back on people development
Maximise ROI
Reduce administrative expense
Business software doesn’t have to be clunky and a chore to learn. Dynamics AX brings a smooth and intuitive UI already familiar to users of Office

Replace your legacy systems

Place all your business processes on one AD agency management software. Cut out the costs of sub-optimally performing legacy and disparate systems.

Give your advertising business the only fully integrated technology solution to streamline and manage a better and faster service for your clients. Benefit from the R&D investments made by Microsoft on its intuitive and agile ERP for advertising agencies.

Channel partner programme

AXAD is the only Microsoft Dynamics AX vertical to comprehensively meet the requirements of the advertising sector, whether a digital marketing specialist or a full-service advertising agency.

For more information on how you can become part of the global rollout of the industry’s leading ERP for advertising agencies, please contact us.

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Look inside AXAD
ERP for Marketing Agencies

AXAD advertising agency management software is the premier advertising management system. The AXAD advertising ERP suite – class-leading ad agency management software – also offers comprehensive media management software for agencies. However, the AXAD advertising software platform is not exclusively software for advertising agencies. AXAD advertising management software is also a complete ERP for marketing agencies whether traditional marketing agencies or more digitally focussed. Software for agencies is not one size fits all. Marketing agency management involves different workflows to advertising agency management. Microsoft Dynamics software for ad agencies has been customised to extend the advertising management processes to meet marketing agency requirements.